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Our Capabilities

Metal Recycling Center

We Recycle and Process Your Scrap Metal & Electronic Waste

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines recycling as “the separation and collection of materials that otherwise would be considered waste, the processing and remanufacturing of these items into new products, and the use of the recycled products to complete the cycle.”

Scrap Metal Recycling Centers such as H&C Metals, Inc. and its sister company, Balemet Recycling, function as “surface mines”– the first step in the recycling process for the life cycle of scrap industrial and consumer products, in particular, metal & electronic scrap (E-Scrap). Obsolete, excess, used or damaged products & material such as beverage cans, industrial waste, Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Auto scrap and CPU Towers are purchased, sorted, prepared & packaged for shipment. Domestic and international consumers of scrap metal, such as smelters, mills & foundries complete the recycling process by melting these materials and manufacturing new products for the global market. Domestic, environmentally responsible E-Scrap recyclers, dismantle post-consumer electronics and the elements contained are reclaimed for manufacturing a variety of new products, including electronics. See the environmental benefits.


Industrial Roll-Off Container Service

H&C Metals Industrial Roll-Off Container Service

H&C Metals, Inc. provides extensive, industrial roll-off container service to a wide variety of customers and the general public. If you can’t deliver your scrap, this service provides a solution for on-going or temporary storage requirements. H&C Metals, Inc. strives to deliver or exchange containers, free of charge, within 24-48 hours-notice and potentially the same day. Once we receive your material, it is quickly graded and data such as commodity type, date of service, weight & price are captured in our computer system to generate settlement and tonnage reports upon request. Please contact H&C Metals, Inc. at info@hcmetals.com for a free, professional quote. Examples of our roll-off customers include:

  • Corporations
  • Manufacturers
  • Municipalities
  • Industrial
  • General Contractors
  • Schools, Colleges and Hospitals
  • Demolition & Clean Out Services

Extensive Trucking Options

Scrap Metal Pickup NJ

To meet all of your service requirements for removing scrap, we can address your transportation and loading challenges by providing a wide range of trucking and equipment options.

– Dry Van Trailers
– Traveling Axle Trailers
– Tandem Access Flatbed Trailers
– Drop Deck Lowboy Trailers


NJ DEP-Authorized E-Waste Hauling

DEP-Authorized Waste Hauling and Scrap Metal Pickup NJ

H&C Metals, Inc. is an NJ DEP (Department of Environmental Protection: Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Program) approved hauler of universal waste: computer and electronic scrap (“E-Scrap”). H&C offers businesses of all sizes and the general public, a home for select un-wanted electronic and computer waste.


Commercial Interior Removal

Commercial Interior Removal

H&C Metals, Inc. has the experience, equipment, trucking and personnel to provide site contracting services for the removal of scrap from household, office, and commercial clean-outs.

Examples of scrap removed include:

  • Construction materials such as BX Cable, insulated wire, metal studs, etc.
  • Office furniture, metal file cabinets, kitchen appliances & equipment
  • Warehouse racking systems, shelving, display units
  • Computer & Telecommunication Equipment and data center scrap
  • Commercial boilers, mechanical & HVAC equipment
  • Fire sprinkler systems

Freon Evacuation Services

H&C Metals, Inc. Reclaims and Repurposes Freon

H&C Metals, Inc. owns and operates CFC and refrigerant recovery equipment as well as Freon storage containers for the purpose of contributing to environmental sustainability. This equipment enables H&C Metals, Inc. to safely reclaim and eventually repurpose Freon from A/C units and refrigerators sold as scrap.

In keeping with the U.S. EPA Clean Air Act of 1990, H&C Metals, Inc. complies with the refrigerant recycling requirements as described in: 40 CFR Part 82, Sub Part F, and Section 608 Refrigerant Recycling Rule of the Clean Air Act, which prohibits individuals from intentionally venting ozone-depleting substances used as refrigerants (CFCs/HCFCs) into the atmosphere while maintaining, servicing, repairing, or disposing of air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment (appliances).


Certified Destruction

Certified Destruction

Upon request, H&C Metals, Inc. will provide documentation certifying guaranteed destruction of Electronic Scrap (data) or other environmentally sensitive materials including Lead solids and Lead Acid Batteries: Auto, Wet Cell, Flooded, Valve Regulated, DC Powerplant (used for computer & telecommunications backup power systems).


Additional Recycling Service Options We Offer

Scrap Metal Pickup NJ : We work closely with several local & regionally-based scrap pick-up collectors who we can recommend to professionally remove your unwanted scrap. CONTACT US

Professional on-Site Consultation: When you have scrap metal and E-Scrap to dispose of but are unsure of what you have, it’s potential value, if it can be recycled and how to package & transport it– please contact H&C Metals, Inc. & inquire about receiving a free recycling evaluation and consultation.

Metal Analysis: H&C Metals, Inc. utilizes high-tech, specialized equipment for analyzing metal in the field, or at our facilities, providing material identification and for determining value. Our customers benefit by ensuring they receive maximum compensation for their scrap.

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