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H&C Metals, Inc. & Balemet Recycling Participates in City of Newark “Slam Dunk The Junk” Cleanup Event

“The City of Newark and New Jersey Clean Communities Council hosted its Twelfth Annual Gateway to a cleaner Newark, citywide cleanup, on October 2, 2014 at Lincoln Park. The City of Newark Dept. of Neighborhood and Recreational Services, organized the event & solicited 500 + volunteers from local businesses, community organizations, schools and residents to team-up to clean-up Newark.

H&C and Balemet provided 2 employees as volunteers. They were provided “Slam Dunk The Junk” Tee-shirts, tools and collection bags for garbage, recyclable materials and leaves. Lunch was served at the event’s conclusion.

H&C Metals and Balemet have operated in Newark for decades, providing a home for recycled scrap metal and electronic waste to variety of regional and local business and industry, local government and residents. We are proud to volunteer our services to The City of Newark as their partner in a cleaner environment.”

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